Music Guru
I've called this section Music Guru because a lot of what I do crosses boundaries.

My MA in Music from Durham University reflects two main stays of my music life: I am a percussionist and drummer and I love the large orchestral percussion and I have been a conductor and music director since I was 16 years old. The third element that fills the picture is that I've enjoyed being an educator as a private teacher, a university music lecturer and a teacher in schools for a long time.

Many music situations require a mix of skills and I certainly enjoy working across the disciplines. I like to build things; I like to fix things and I like to see people making music when they thought it could never happen for them.

So (and I'm starting to sound like The Equalizer now...) if you have a music dream, need, gap, want or desire ... why not call me ? Chris Evans, Music Guru (and legend in his own lunch time).

Music Guru.

Samba Drumming workshops
Djembe Drumming workshops
Choir and singing group workshops

Music Directing and Conducting
Compostition and Arranging

Percussion including orchestral percussion and timpani

and tuition in the above